I was born and raised in Paris. After a successful career in textile design, I moved with my family to New York in 2007. My work has appeared in the New Yorker and Sony hired me to design their Madison Avenue store windows. I have been passionately painting since my adolescence.  A series of my paintings was exhibited at the "M Project gallery" in Tribeca in 2008. I create an intriguing world using various media including acrylic, wood, linocuts, photography and all kinds of surprising objects. Fearless in my approach, my insatiable curiosity and energy guide me in the creation of a cinematic contemporary tapestry using vivid and contrasting colors. References from a multitude of cultures, often in the form of signs and pictograms, mystify the viewer with irony and ambiguity. I explore themes of family, love, sex, ego, society's dysfunctions and taboos in colors, contradictions, and contrasts.  My work is multidimensional, involving many cultural streams of influences. The creative process is layered, first cerebral then composed by colors, and design aesthetics. My art is informed, in a vast array of materials including acrylic, wood, linocut, and photography. The convergence all these materials create an elaborate chaos. Ancient and contemporary global symbolism, shapes and often pictograms describe the narrative, My work is rich in content and detail using three to four vibrant colors generally on large-scale canvases. 

At the heart of her art is a desire to tell stories that speak to the individual and collective consciousness of cultural identities.

I moved to Philadelphia One Year ago.




Fleuri Delaporte School of Dress Design, Paris



Stationery Collection: Editions La Pastourelle, Paris

Printed Fabric Collections: Roberto Coti bureau de style, Paris

Fabrics Ready-To-Wear: Aqua Verde, Biscote, Boa, Couleur France, ERCEA, Ernest le Gamin, Daniel Hechter, Hemisphere, Le Garage, Mic-Mac, Naf Naf, Sortie des Classes, Texunion



Women Magazines: Elle (France, United States, Korea), Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, Biba, Bien dans ma vie, Cosmetique magazine, Cosmo Girl, Double, Femme Actuelle, Gala, Jeune et Jolie, Soma, Votre Beaute, Tatler

Cultural and Leisure Magazines: The New Yorker, A nous Paris, Le Monde de l'Education, Play Magazine, Swatch Journal



Cover Designs: Editions Albin Michel (Carnets de Sagesse collection), Editions du Signe (Graines de Sagesse), Editions Hachette (Paperbacks) Editions Hatier (Classics), Editions Hazan (Postcard & Bookmark Design) 



Je Colorie le Monde, Editions Lito; "Formes" (shapes), "Decoupages" (cut-out figures), Mila Editions



E-Bay France


France Telecom

Le Printemps

Yves Rocher

SONY (store windows / signs) 

 Renaissance Hotels


2019:HOME, Frieda Gallery, Philadelphia

2018: One year of Resistance, The Untitled Space, Tribeca, New York City

2018: Abortion, Air Gallery, Dumbo, Brooklyn

2017: Et Tu Art Brute? Andrew Edlin Gallery, Bowery, New York City

2017: With something, K&P Gallery, Chelsea, New York City

2017: Cabinet ofCuriosities, Harlem Properties Gallery, New York City

2017: She inspires, The untitled Space Gallery, New York City

2017: Uprise, The Untitled Space, New York City

2016: You are one of a kind, K&P Gallery, Chelsea, New York City

2016:Trees of Life and Evil Eyes, Abrazo Interno Gallery, New York City

2016:The Finest of Arts, Helene Fuld-College of Nursing, New York City

2016: Border 2016, Starr Space Gallery, Brooklyn

2016: Wide Open 7, BWAC, Brooklyn

2016: Putting all together 2016, Blue Door Art Center, Yonkers

2016 :Paper Works 2016,Upstream Gallery, Hasting on Hudson

2015: The Art Source Loft, Park Avenue, New York City

2015: Flux Art Fair,New York City

2014: Optional Allusions Art in Flux, ALOFT New York City

2014: Wherefore Art? Art In FLUX, ALOFT New York City

2013: Renaissance Fine Art Gallery, New York City

2013: Leroy Neiman Art Center, New York City

2012: Surtex New York City

2011: Renaissance Fine Art Gallery, New York City

2011: Spirit of Community, The Dwyer Cultural Center, New York City

2008: Puzzle retrospective, M Project Gallery Tribeca, New York City

2003: Group Exhibition, la Samaritaine, Paris