Danielle Siegelbaum

Photo by Philippe Salomon

Danielle was born and raised in Paris. After a successful career in textile design  in Publishing Danielle and her family moved to New York in 2007. Danielle has been passionately painting since her adolescence. Now she devotes her time exclusively to her art.

Danielle's works reference her experience as a textile designer and illustrator, her creative ability is the result of interweaving research in textile work, illustrations, photos. Her work is riddled with irony and cynicism poking at the incoherencies of our society and at the core – family.  She develops themes that suggest surprising parallels: love-hate, sex,  woman-man, good-evil, rich-poor, peace-war, ambivalence,society's dysfunctions and taboos in colors, differences shapes and contrasts.   These elements bang together in her paintings and mixed media sculptures inviting peculiar interpretations.   The sensual shapes in her works are abruptly interrupted creating tension and contradiction. References from a multitude of cultures, often in the form of signs and pictograms, contribute to the mise-en-scene, which mystifies the viewer with irony and ambiguity. 

At the heart of her art is a desire to tell stories that speak to the individual and collective consciousness of cultural identities.

Danielle's  mind creates an intriguing world using various media including acrylic, wood, linocuts, photography and all kinds of surprising objects.


In my Studio 515A at the    BOK    Building Philadelphia

In my Studio 515A at the BOK Building Philadelphia